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The opportunity to create a creative collection of images surrounding the Porsche brand had been a long standing dream of mine ever since I immersed myself into the world of automotive photography. Bert Smith International in St. Petersburg, Florida expressed their interest in creating a series of images for the purpose of promoting and advertising their Porsche dealership. The series would feature a set of images for each different Porsche model currently made provided by the Bert Smith Porsche dealer. 

Given free rein of the vehicles and the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, I began by finding landmarks which are notorious to the area such as the Dali Museum, Vinoy Park, and remnants of the Grand Prix Circuit. Using artificial lighting techniques to accentuate the color and iconic shape of the Porsche vehicles, I precisely placed the subjects to take advantage of the scenery while not overwhelming the presence of the car in the scene.

The end result of this project is a unique portfolio of pictures covering all aspects of the incredible vehicles currently produced by Porsche. Sometimes it helps to see something that is to be desired in different light. 

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