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I woke up early Tuesday morning for a quick trip with my friend Ryan to Streamsong. Streamsong is a central Florida golf resort and one of the few places in the area with large hills. Ryan and I had connected through a shared passion for photography and the power of social media; we have no interest in golf.

Roughly an hour into our drive to the location, Ryan began reminiscing about places he had traveled. I was intrigued when he brought up Alaska. I had always wanted to go there. Ryan said that plane tickets were inexpensive. Within the next 6 hours, I booked my flight to Anchorage, made a reservation at a hotel, and booked a car for when I arrived.

My flight departed on Thursday afternoon. It is difficult to find winter clothes in the tropical paradise of Sarasota Florida. Thankfully, there was one store selling snow gear in town; I felt very fortunate as winter in Alaska would be brutal.

A day before my flight I stuffed my suitcase full of winter gear and filled the rest of the space with extra camera equipment. My carry-on contained my two cameras, lenses and a drone. Nervous, but excited for the unknown adventures ahead, I boarded the plane to Alaska.

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