Fredric Schlosser is a German Automotive Photographer shoots for BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. Fredric began his venture for car photography at an early age and continues to create stunning images for commercial brands.


Andrew Link began his quest into the photo world 12 years ago by simply snapping images of vehicles at the custom shop he worked for. Now a New York based Commercial and Editorial Automotive Photographer, Andrew creates stunning, composite photographs of automobiles around the world.

Pepper Yandell is a commercial automotive + aerospace photographer based in Dubai. His style is known for vivid coloration and eye-catching compositions with the use of strobe lighting.  Pepper shoots for brands such as Lamborghini.

Philipp Rupprecht is an automotive photographer based out of Munich. "What I love about my work is capturing the uniqueness of each automobile, showing the power of hypercars while highlighting the beautiful details and clever designs of each model. With a background in engineering, I do not only focus on the design, but also the technical highlights of each vehicle." 

Richard Pardon is a compelling photographer with a perfectionist’s eye for detail, delivering imaginative campaigns from his bases in London and Los Angeles.

Holger Wild studied photography in Muthesius University in Kiel/Germany 1996. Since then he has been working as a freelance photographer from Hamburg worldwide. A huge part of his photography is transportation and landscape.

Troy Paiva has been capturing night imagery since 1989. He considers himself an “Urban Explorer” and says that his light painting photography is a byproduct of his passion for investigating the ruins of “Lost America”.

Patrick Rochon began Light Painting in 1992. He declared himself a full time light painter in 1997 on a flight to Tokyo. Patrick is known for his visionary light painting portraits as well as his work in the automotive world and his live light painting performances.

Nocturne has been capturing photographs for ten years and discovered light painting in 2006.  He light paints because it makes him feel free, Nocturne says he is most comfortable at night.