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When I was a child, like many other children, I feared the dark. Checking the closet and turning on the bathroom light before I could sleep was essential to my survival as a kid. I’ve always found that darkness holds a certain power, the power to reveal only what is light and control one’s perception of what is real. As a high-schooler I found myself constantly creating mystical and dark stories to fulfill creative writing assignments. Now, years later I have the ability to visualize these creative thoughts and put them into my imagery.

Mysteries cannot exist without the idea that they can be solved. If a mystery cannot be solved, human nature forces one into speculative thought. My series, Instances is an exploration of mystery in the human mind. Images created for this series are designed to invoke the desire to complete an unfinished story and allow the viewer to come up with their own interpretations in which these mini-mysteries can be resolved.

The task of creating the imagery is technical much like the stories themselves. Studio lighting elements are delicately implemented to dramatize the imagery and enhance the story. Props are thoughtfully placed and characters are appropriately dressed in order to create a relatable scenario. Each image is constructed from multiple photographs taken of the same scene, this allows the artist to pick from multiple possible outcomes to determine which will best portray the mystery in the final photograph. The final image is seamless unlike many of the stories being displayed in this collection.

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