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Evan Lewis is a professional photographer currently residing in Lakewood, Colorado. Educated at the Ringling College of Art & Design, Evan completed his bachelors degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in photography in 2020. He is known for his high-end automotive & aviation work which often explores the emotional binding between man and machine. Some of Evan’s favorite photographic techniques include the usage of long exposures, artificial lighting, and technical post processing techniques that accentuate the subject’s color and design.

The Leica camera has become a staple of Evan’s photography. Evan was introduced to the brand during a visit to Leica Store Miami. Evan’s primary camera platforms are the Leica SL2, SL2-S, and original Monochrom. Evan often enjoys experimenting with Leica’s vast array of vintage lenses on the modern SL2 full-frame platform. This allows Evan’s images to take on a classical look, while benefiting from the powerful dynamic range offered on the SL2 system.


Client List

Blue River Aviation, AK

Lamborghini Sarasota, FL

Steele Industries Night Vision, FL

Aksala Wealth Management, FL

Digisphere Marketing, FL

Heffner Performance, FL

The Flying School, CO

Car Cave SRQ, FL

4Play Wheels, FL

OE Wheels, FL

Automods, FL

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